Iceland Stopover

My family is planning to visit Sweden again this summer. We usually travel to Sweden every 2-3 years to visit my husband’s family. My husband immigrated to the United States when he married me so if we want our kids to know his side of the family, we must make this trip. We actually were just there last summer but here we are planning another trip this summer too. It was not our plan to go every year but we had purchased a vacation home last year and spent a lot of time and money furnishing it. With all the visiting of family and taking care of a new home, we felt like we didn’t really get to enjoy the house. So, I am glad we can take another long vacation this year! We have been flying on I

Custom Itinerary for Phoenix, AZ

One of my very first clients was "J". She called into our office and I took all her information about the trip she wanted us to plan for them. I was nervous but I finally felt like I was getting the hang of taking client’s information. I had no idea that she would become my first client! She wanted to come in and meet us in person so we set up a meeting for her to meet with Andrea and me. We took lots of notes about what their family wanted to do and types of vacations they have taken in the past. It started out fairly vague for this family of 4. They had two older kids (12 & 16) and they wanted to go somewhere sunny for their mid-winter break. They didn’t want anything tropical or anything

My First Travel Agent Experience

I told you what prompted me to use a travel agent exclusively in my last blog post but I actually had used a travel agency prior to that disastrous airfare that I had to cancel. This happened before I even knew about Anywhere But Here Travel. I used the travel agency that is affiliated with my timeshare and it was an okay experience for me but they never made me feel like I was important like ABHT did for me. I guess I might still be using them if they did! The year was 2010 and my best friend and I decided it would be fun to take a joint family vacation together to Maui. I arranged for the place to stay through our timeshare and she arranged for our mutual babysitter/nanny to join us. This

Why I Use A Travel Agent

I am a new travel agent to Anywhere But Here Travel but I am not new to using a travel agent. I have been a loyal client of theirs for several years before I started to work here. I thought before I go into my stories of booking travel, I would tell you my story of why I started using Anywhere But Here Travel in the first place. I have always been internet savvy and have been handing my own travel reservations for many years. Most of it has been fairly straightforward and I didn’t think I would have a need for a travel agent. I was using a certain online booking site almost exclusively and was pretty happy with it … until one day when I purchased airline tickets to my company’s convention in

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