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Travel Tips for Tahiti

UPDATED Dec 3, 2022: I have added a few more tips that I have discovered over the years!

Originally published Dec 20, 2018: I just returned from a really great trip to Tahiti last week and it was a fantastic experience. I cannot wait to go back and take my husband with me. The trip that I just returned from was a work trip so it was jam packed with hotel inspections (15 total over 7 nights), hotel hopping (6 different overnight hotel stays), island hopping (4 different islands visited) and multiple plane rides (8) plus one ferry. The whole point of the trip was to further my education on the destination and also attend a travel conference to make connections with our travel partners.

Monica in Tahiti

I am still going through all my photos and eventually I hope to blog some more about the trip. However, in the meantime, here are some travel tips that I have shared with my clients. I can confirm that many of these tips from the Tourism Board are great recommendations.

Currency Tips

  • The local currency is the Pacific Franc, CFP or XPF. It is linked to the Euro.

  • Credit cards are widely accepted in the most touristy islands and travelers should advise their banks that they will be overseas and make sure their card will work there.

  • Travelers checks can be used but are not accepted everywhere. High fees apply in banks and resorts to change them. Honestly, I would just avoid these entirely.

  • US dollars are accepted in some stores but the exchange rate will not be the greatest.

  • Currency exchange services are available from banks and resorts. Fees apply.

  • ATMs are available at the Faa'a International Airport as well as banks in Papeete and the most touristy islands and areas. ATMs will give the best exchange rate that you will find on the islands and I recommend visiting the ATM upon arrival at the Papeete airport.

  • We recommend that visitors travel with a bit of cash as a precaution. Some small vendors only take cash or will offer a poor exchange rate.

  • Tipping is not customary or expected in Tahitian culture. However, tipping is always welcome for exemplary service.

  • If you are staying at a high end resort with butler service, you can either tip daily (if your butler changes) or at the end of the stay (if you have the same butler). Please hand your butler the gratuity in an envelope.

  • Also, many restaurants, activities and hotels offer a monthly bonus when you mention the employee's name on a review site so consider doing a review instead of a tip! If you mention an employee when filling out the hotel questionnaire at the end of your stay also works.

  • For men, another way to tip or show your appreciation for good service is to trade a baseball cap or t-shirt with your tour guide or hotel employee.

Insider Tip: Between 1st September 2020 to 31 May 2022, there is a dual circulation of old and new XPF coins. Both are valid, so don’t worry if you receive XPF change with the old coins! Starting 1st June 2022, only the new coins will be in circulation. They look like the