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Iceland Stopover

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

My family is planning to visit Sweden again this summer. We usually travel to Sweden every 2-3 years to visit my husband’s family. My husband immigrated to the United States when he married me so if we want our kids to know his side of the family, we must make this trip.

Our Swedish vacation home
Our Swedish vacation home

We actually were just there last summer but here we are planning another trip this summer too. It was not our plan to go every year but we had purchased a vacation home last year and spent a lot of time and money furnishing it. With all the visiting of family and taking care of a new home, we felt like we didn’t really get to enjoy the house. So, I am glad we can take another long vacation this year!

Map of Iceland

We have been flying on Icelandair the last few years because it is the shortest flight between Seattle and Stockholm. It stops in Reykjavik, Iceland and a few years ago we had an unplanned layover in Iceland. We were there in the middle of the night (our time) so we didn’t get to see anything of interest by the time we woke up. However, the landscape fascinated me and made me want to visit again on purpose. We even think it could help us with the jet lag too.

This year I noticed that Icelandair offers a “Stopover” program where you can stay in Iceland for up to 7 nights with no additional cost to your airfare. I thought that sounded like something that was too good to pass up! I have booked our flights and decided that we can stay 3 nights in Iceland.

Njálsgata 55 Apartment
Njálsgata 55 Apartment

We are renting out this two bedroom apartment which is the same price as many hotels in the same area. This was the hardest thing to find a hotel that would accommodate 4 people so often we were faced with reserving two double occupancy rooms. That was quite expensive! I think this will be much nicer and still right in the heart of the city.

Here are some of the things I am considering on our stopover. What would you recommend?

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