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Custom Itinerary for Phoenix, AZ

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

One of my very first clients was "J". She called into our office and I took all her information about the trip she wanted us to plan for them. I was nervous but I finally felt like I was getting the hang of taking client’s information. I had no idea that she would become my first client!

Greeting from Arizona

She wanted to come in and meet us in person so we set up a meeting for her to meet with Andrea and me. We took lots of notes about what their family wanted to do and types of vacations they have taken in the past. It started out fairly vague for this family of 4. They had two older kids (12 & 16) and they wanted to go somewhere sunny for their mid-winter break. They didn’t want anything tropical or anything too far away. They wanted to do a combination of active things like mountain biking, horseback riding and educational things like museums. Their first thought was to visit Arizona or New Mexico but they needed help narrowing down an exact location. That was where we came in and we all agreed that what they needed was a customized travel itinerary.

I worked for about a week to narrow down the exact location based on historical weather data and wind chill statistics. I helped narrow the exact dates based on airfare prices plus I researched tours, hotels and museums. After a few emails and phone calls back and forth, it was finally time to finalize everything. I went ahead and booked their airfare, hotel, car and all the tours they wanted. I also prepared a detailed customized itinerary for her family that contains everything they need to know about their upcoming trip. I also included some other activities and nearby restaurants just in case they needed more things to do. It was fun and I learned a lot about Phoenix, AZ!

Here are the places that "J" and her family will be visiting. You can also view the sample itinerary that I made for them!

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