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My First Travel Agent Experience

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

I told you what prompted me to use a travel agent exclusively in my last blog post but I actually had used a travel agency prior to that disastrous airfare that I had to cancel. This happened before I even knew about Anywhere But Here Travel. I used the travel agency that is affiliated with my timeshare and it was an okay experience for me but they never made me feel like I was important like ABHT did for me. I guess I might still be using them if they did!

Half of our group enjoying a luau

The year was 2010 and my best friend and I decided it would be fun to take a joint family vacation together to Maui. I arranged for the place to stay through our timeshare and she arranged for our mutual babysitter/nanny to join us. This meant we needed 9 plane tickets to be booked together with seating together if possible too. This was beyond what the online booking website could handle so thankfully the travel agency was a quick phone call away. We were also able to split the payment between the two families which made it nice as well. It was a fabulous vacation and one we will remember for many years to come.

Everyone enjoying shaved ice!

What was your first experience using a travel agent?

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