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I have gathered some information together that you might find helpful. Make sure to read all about the exclusive Travel Perks that you get when you book your trip with me!

Favorite Phone Apps

GOOGLE TRANSLATE - You can type in words or just point your camera at the text and have it translate right on your screen!

GOOGLE MAPS - Don't leave home without it. You can also download maps for offline use too.

TRIP PLANS - I use this to provide travel itineraries to my clients. You can have your entire trip available on your phone!

FLIGHTSTATS - There are many flight status checking apps but this is the one I use. 

MOBILE PASSPORT - Load your passport information and breeze through US customs.

ROAD TO HANA - If you want to do a self-drive on the island of Maui (Hawaii), make sure to get this inexpensive app and virtual guide.

XE CURRENCY - Finding out how much stuff costs while you are abroad is important and this app gives real-time rates depending on the last time you had access to WIFI.  

WHATSAPP - This allows you to message people over WIFI so you can avoid any SMS charges when you are abroad. 

Google Flights - This is a website and no longer an app. I like using it to search for flights for upcoming trips. You can track prices, set alerts when the price changes, and more.

Favorite Links

Passports & VIsa

Use the Easy Passport website to help you figure out if you need a Visa to the country you are traveling to and assist you with applying for them too. You can also get help applying and renewing your passport too.


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