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Multi-Generational Travel in Japan

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Many people are looking to travel with their families and not just with mom, dad and the kids but also the grandparents as well. This is called multi-generational travel! We have helped clients in many destinations like Mexico, Hawaii and Europe but we want to touch on a new destination for your next family trip... Japan!

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Japan is one of the safest and cleanest countries in the world so it makes sense why this is well suited for multi-generational travel. They excel in excellent family accommodations and the variety of food choices make it easy as well. Multi-generational travel is so much more than just bonding with family in a new location. Travel is a thrilling and transformative experience not only for kids, but for teens, parents and grandparents alike. If any country is capable of delighting travelers of all ages, it’s Japan.

My family in Akihabara


Japan's cities are a flashing, whirring paradise for kids of all ages. In Tokyo alone, your family can enjoy anime masters at Studio Ghibli, take a masterclass in manga drawing, meet Hello Kitty at Sanrio Puroland and get lost in the amusement arcades of Akihabara "electric town".



Take a guided cycle ride through the rice fields and rural farming villages of Hida outside the mountain town of Takayama. As well as rural scenery, the tour also visits a natural spring, a local temple, minka (traditional wood farmhouses) and an orchard. Alternatively, you can cycle with the family on the Shimanami Kaido across islands and bridges of the Seto Inland Sea, or any number of family-friendly biking routes.

Sushi Making Class

Jump into the delicious and artistic world of Japanese cuisine with a sushi-making course. These cooking classes are great for learning new skills and family bonding. They’re invariably hands-on, and regardless of your abilities, you’ll enjoy eating the end results together. Sushi aside, there’s also the opportunity to learn tips and tricks on making wagashi, soba, kaiseki, and more.

Fuji-Q Highland

Roller Coasters

Japan has a huge and varied range of theme parks. There are the familiar classics like Disney and Universal Studios, as well as a mixture of home-grown theme parks - from the hot springs of SpaWorld to the thundering rollercoasters of Fuji-Q Highland

Make sure to contact me for more information and sample itineraries for family and multi-generational travel to Japan!

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