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How to Make POG Juice from Hawaii

Wait. Maybe you don't even know what POG is? Maybe I should explain it a bit before I share a super simple recipe? Ok, then!

First of all, POG stands for (P)assion fruit, (O)range, and (G)uava. It is a popular juice drink from Hawaii that’s been around for almost 50 years. Rumor has it that it was originally created in 1971 by the now-defunct Haleakalā Dairy on Maui. Today, it’s still produced by Meadow Gold (a subsidiary of Dean Foods) and mostly it is found Hawaiʻi and some West Coast outlets.

There was a bit of a panic in April when it was announced that the parent company was filing bankruptcy. It was close to being yet another causality of the COVID-19 pandemic but it was later announced that production would continue in Hawaii.

Since many people are still not traveling to the beautiful state of Hawaii, here is a great way to enjoy a taste of the islands while you wait to return. Making it is super easy but sourcing the ingredients might be more difficult. I have added some Amazon links to make it easier and I do get a small kickback from any purchase made there.


POG Breakfast Juice


4 cups passion fruit juice

-try Goya

-try Ceres

-try this pulp option (just make sure to dilute to make it a juice)

4 cups orange juice

-try Simply Orange

-try 365 Organic

4 cups guava juice

-try Sun Tropics

-try Goya (may need to dilute this a bit)

-try this pulp option (just make sure to dilute to make it a juice)