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Bucket List Destinations

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

​​I admit that I watch The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. It is one of my many reality show pleasures that I partake in and even my husband has gotten into it. Oops! Was I not supposed to say that out loud and publish it on my blog? Well, he will never know if you promise not to share this with him okay?

Anyway, one of the fun things about watching the show is seeing where they send those lucky guys and gals. Also, I notice an increase on travel requests to these exotic destinations so it helps me stay informed. Some of these destinations have been featured on my website so it is nice to get validation that these bucket list trips are right on target.

St. Thomas

I recently wrote a blog post about places you can travel without a U.S. Passport and St. Thomas was featured in a recent episode of The Bachelor with Nick Viall. Check it out!


Last year, one of the destinations that Kaitlyn Bristowe went to with The Bachelorette was Ireland. I started working on a trip there for a family a few months ago when this show was on the air. It was fun to start planning the trip and see it on TV at the same time. It inspired my destination page about Ireland. Check it out!


Tonight, Nick took the gals to Finland for the start of his fantasy suite dates. I recently worked on a quote for Finland and published an example quote for the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort on my Example Docs page. Nick didn't stay in this exact resort but it isn't far from where they did stay and it had a huge glass roof that reminded me of Kakslauttanen. Many people go here to see the Northern Lights. Check it out!


Also, as a bonus, feel free to check out my destination page on Iceland for some more ideas on places to visit to see the Northern Lights. It isn't a place that The Bachelor or The Bachelorette has been but maybe it will be soon! Maybe I am ahead of the curve on this one. ;)

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