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Perhaps you are not in need of a travel agent but you love what I can do and what I have to offer? Why not partner with me and refer potential clients to me? I sometimes pay out cash for referrals or I can give you a discount on a future trip with me. 

I strongly encourage you to sit down with me over coffee or do a virtual meeting over the phone or Skype. This way you can find out who my ideal client is so you can have a better chance of earning more money. 

Also, is traveling a passion of yours? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to do what I do? Anywhere But Here Travel, Inc. provides several courses and opportunities where you can invest in your future travel career. Contact me for more information!

In the meantime, here are some examples of my past ideal clients. So, if you hear someone that matches one of these descriptions, make sure to connect them with me. 

EXAMPLE #1 – Sue
* Single woman who is a lawyer by profession
* Wanted to celebrate her 75th birthday 
* Her budget was no more than $6k total (I came in under budget)
* She thought a river cruise through Germany would be ideal
* She is an active gal and much younger in her mind than her age 
* Was concerned about the average age on river cruises (she had a great time)

* I assured her of the wide age range with clients I have booked
* Contacted me 3 months ahead 

EXAMPLE #2 – Jane & John
* Young professional couple in their late 20’s and wanted help with their honeymoon
* Wanted somewhere tropical like Fiji, Kauai or Bora Bora 
* Budget was $15k so I suggested Bora Bora (I came in under budget)
* Both were active in the decision making process
* They wanted lots of activities and things to do
* Helped them with their honeymoon night here in Seattle too
* Contacted me 6 months before travel

EXAMPLE #3 – Smith Family
* Family of 4 with two working parents
* Wanted to go to Cancun, Mexico for a family vacation
* Had a budget of $10k (ended up spending more to get what they wanted)

* Saved $3000 by accessing a secret sale for the room upgrade they desired
* Wanted specific requirements for the sleeping arrangements for the kids
* Contacted me 1 month before travel

EXAMPLE #4 – Jones & Company
* Personal assistant to the CEO of the company contacted me
* Wanted a reward trip for their top sales people
* Needed all-inclusive but open to locations
* Budget was $50k for 20 people (I came in way under budget)
* They weren’t getting the service they desired when contacting resorts directly
* Contacted me 45 days before travel


EXAMPLE #5 – Mary
* Personal assistant contacted me (wasn't comfortable planning an international trip)
* Mary was traveling with her friend & her friend had a limited budget 
* Wasn't able to get the help they needed from the river cruise company
* I took over the booking and helped them with everything they needed

* Had a good idea of where they wanted to go but needed help with the specifics
* I even got her mother on a last minute cabin cancellation 1 day before departure
* Contacted me 4 months before travel

Finally, another way you can help refer me is to post on Facebook. I get tagged many times on Facebook by people who are trying to be helpful, however it isn't always the best way to refer business to me. A personal introduction works best or a short testimonial if it is someone you don't know. Here is an example and feel free to change it to fit you better!

"If you want help with your trip to _____ and want to hire an expert travel planner, please reach out to Monica, Your Travel Gal. She gets to know you and your travel style so you get the vacation that is best suited to your needs and desires. She is an amazing travel agent!"


Plan's travel ahead 6-8 months in advance
Has a reasonable and realistic budget
Celebrating a milestone in their life
Responds quickly and is ready to take action
Generally knows where they want to go but often needs help with the specifics
Tends to hire out for other professional services (landscaper, financial planner, etc.)


People who ONLY need domestic airfare

People looking for just a car rental

People who want the cheapest price vs the best value for their travel

Business travelers

People who want to compare quotes with other travel agents
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