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Tropical Island
Four Seasons Bora Bora

Tahiti is actually the largest island in a group of 118 islands that make up French Polynesia and it is located in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. The whole archipelago spans over 2 millions square miles, which is equivalent to the size of Europe. Most people think of just a handful of islands when you say "Tahiti" but the island of Bora Bora usually rises to the top of people's minds as the epitome of luxury, relaxation, idyllic paradise and overwater bungalows.


French Polynesia has sunny, year-round tropical weather with an average temperature of 80ºF/27ºC in the air and in the water. It makes the perfect year-round destination for many visitors. The summer season is from November through April and it is typically warmer and more humid. The Tahitian winter is from May to October and this is the time of year when most people travel to this amazing destination.  

The island of Tahiti is known as the "The Queen of the Pacific" and it has the capital of French Polynesia, Papeete. This is also where most of the population resides. Tahiti Nui is the biggest part of the island and Tahiti Iti is the smaller section. Both are connected by an isthmus and it will take you about 2 to 3 hours to drive around the whole island. Tahiti is often considered a transit island but the Queen Island has much more to offer. If you can devote a few extra days, I highly recommend that you spend time exploring this diverse island. 

The residents of French Polynesia may spend more time buzzing around in SUVs than paddling outrigger canoes, but they still spend a lot amount of time humming or singing. One of the things you will fall in love with when you visit, is the friendly and warm nature of the Tahitian people. 

Make sure you plan your trip with me as I am a Level 3 Certified Tahiti Specialist! This is the highest level of certification designated by the Tahiti Tourism office. I have spent a lot of time taking educational courses, attending destination specific conferences twice a year and have visited 7 different islands now!


Tahiti isn't as far away as some people think. It is only a 10 hour flight from Seattle, an 8-hour flight from Los Angeles, a 5-hour flight from Honolulu and a 5-hour flight from New Zealand. It is also in the same time zone as Hawaii and it is the same distance south of the equator as Hawaii is north of the equator. 

Five archipelagos make up the territory, and each has distinctive cultural and geographical features. The Society Islands (which includes Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora), the Tuamotu Atolls (a large group of flat coral islands), the Marquesas Islands (a remote and mountainous archipelago), the Austral Islands (a mix between the Tuamotu and Marquesas) and the Gambier Islands (the cradle of Catholicism).


Tahitian Cultured Pearls

Overall the Islands of Tahiti receive more sunshine and less rain than Hawaii.

Black pearls are an important industry in French Polynesia, and, as visitors quickly discover, they are heavily marketed to tourists on Bora Bora. Every shop seems to be selling pearls, and The Farm also offers tours that let you see how they're created.

The ashes of French author and sailor Alain Gerbault, who introduced soccer to French Polynesia, are buried on Bora Bora.

There is no "B" in the Tahitian alphabet. That’s why Bora Bora is actually pronounced “Pora Pora” and it means “first-born”. However, early visitors heard it as Bora Bora.


Polynesia is the birthplace of surfing, and the wave at Teahupoo, Tahiti, is one of the most famous and scary waves in the surfing world. An international surf contest is held in the village annually.


Hinano beer, the local brew, is named after the flower of the pandanus plant, which smells somewhat like beer. The leaves of this same plant are used to weave local hats and baskets.


The first chapter of James A. Michener's novel Hawaii is set on Bora Bora.

The very first overwater bungalow was built by the famed “Bali Hai Boys” on the French Polynesian island of Raiatea in 1967.

Hawaii receives more tourists in a week than Tahiti does in a year.


If you only have time to visit one island, make sure to spend time on Bora Bora. 

Day 1—Depart USA. Usually this is an overnight flight and you arrive early in the morning the following day.

Day 2—Arrive in Papeete and flight to Bora Bora. 

Day 3—Take a 4x4 and snorkeling safari tour of the island. 

Day 4—Enjoy a sunset cruise & romantic dinner.

Day 5—Have a relaxing day on your own.

Day 6—Have a romantic dinner on a private beach.

Day 7—Fly to Tahiti for return flight home.

Day 8—Arrive in USA the following day. 

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If you can spend more than a week, I strongly suggest that you try to visit more than one island. 


Day 1—Depart USA. Usually this is an overnight flight and you arrive early in the morning the following day.

Day 2—Overnight in Papeete. Rest and relax in your garden bungalow on your arrival day.  

Day 3—Take an inner island 4x4 safari tour of the island.

Day 4—Do a Tahiti & Tropical Treasures tour with museums and natural wonders.

Day 5—Depart to Moorea on an high speed catamaran & check into your overwater bungalow.

Day 6—Go on a jet ski tour. 

Day 7—Take a snorkeling safari. 

Day 8—Depart for Bora Bora and check in to your overwater bungalow.

Day 9—Have a romantic dinner on a private beach.

Day 10—Have a relaxing day on your own.

Day 11—Take another jet ski tour. You will see different sights!

Day 12—Fly to Tahiti for return flight home.

Day 13—Arrive in USA the following day.

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Here is another sample itinerary. This one is a sample package from one of my preferred vendors. It can be fully customized for your travel needs. 

Here is another sample itinerary. This one is a very detailed itinerary that I prepared for a past client. I took out all the personal information but you can see all the detailed information that I prepare for my clients so they are ready for their trip!

If you are interested in the Marquesas, you should seriously consider the trip aboard the Aranui 5, a passenger and cargo vessel that travels among the islands.


Another way to travel around the islands is to hop on a cruise or a private yacht charter. There are some great small ship options so contact me for more details!


I am a Certified Tahiti Specialist so I can customize one of the itineraries above and make it personal for your honeymoon, anniversary or your "just want to escape" vacation!

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